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The daisy flower using its magic power affects the intuition and skill of clairvoyance. In earlier times people believed that they would easily have won the dear man at a dinner, that will be decorated in the center of the desk with a vase with several daisies. Nowadays, a fragrance of marines is more familiar than a sign of an undying character.
Narcissus is a flower that’s been put in the past of the past in the bosom of the deceased in order to provide them with a fresh birth and joy in the outside world. Until now, narcissism has preserved a symbol of awakening and eternal renewal of nature, and on the flip side, feature flaws, such as the self-esteem itself, the complacency of this person who provides it.
Tulipan is a symbol of beauty, lavish and abundant feelings. It has at all times been used by Romans as a indication of love and unwavering longing.