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Were you aware that natural fertilizers for our ornamental pot plants could be ready by ourselves? And what about the raw materials that are collected from the kitchen daily? Since we consider them biological waste, initially we do not even feel that they can be utilized in any other way, but in reality, many are recovering as quality nutrients for green plants.
Spring is the time when nature begins to wake up following winter rest. Also as external plants in this time, blossom and bloom in all their beauty, the exact same is true for ornamental potted plants which decorate our insides. Given the internal plants are slightly more reliant on us than outside, we must frequently supply them with sufficient water, also in the time of growth, with sufficient nutrients, which are essential for verdant and productive growth. There are lots of diverse products on the marketplace, through which we provide all the necessary minerals to the crops, but a lot of instances such fertilizers are not environmentally beneficial, they require exceptional precision in dosing and standard care once used. Egg shell is rich in calcium, which also has a vital influence on the growth of decorative pots.
Instead of already made substrates, the compost can be prepared ourselves, from the components all us in the home.

The most famous are certainly egg shells. One of the methods for preparation is the fertilizer in solid aggregate state, which can be created by creating the egg shell first carefully under lukewarm water, then dried and then smashed a little. Crushed on the cap of the substrate (around and about the plant itself), or they are sometimes mixed with the substrate itself. In this waythey will function in some way as water and in exactly the exact same time supply the substrate with the necessary nutrients. Given that egg shells are a rich source of calcium that handles this rise and development of the root system in addition to leaves and blossoms, plants will definitely be grateful.
Egg shells as fertilizers may also be utilised in liquid form. Drink in a couple of liters of water and then pour our pot plants using this mix. It’s advised to maintain the liquid out (about the balcony or the lawn ) and use it over a couple of days. Otherwise, the mixture may start to emit slightly unpleasant scents.
Don’t know where the bags and baskets are? We’ve got quite a few thoughts!
Do not know where the pots and bags are? We’ve got many ideas!
When you drink homemade Turkish java, don’t throw off the sediment. Preferably, throw it with water and then fill out the cactus with the resulting mixture.
When you drink home-made Turkish coffee, don’t throw off the residue. Preferably, dilute it with water and fill out the cactus using the resulting mix.