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A nugget is a flower of reconciliation, that represents the nearest friendship, admiration and understanding of the depth of emotion. The crimson carnation is the flower of love. If you donate it to some dear person, you’re protecting it using”the wrongs of the world”, and with a lot of knickers you assist a friend who recovers from illness. If you suspect a loved one, set a vase using seven white carnets on the desk, but if you would like to conquer it, then you’ll have seven reddish ones.
Cyclamen”settles all accounts” and smooths misunderstandings in mutual relations. Old Believers say there is no power at which it grows in cycles. This blossom of sincerity, affection, protection and happiness relieves the pain of a sad-hearted heart, and its ability is also associated with fertility. Place at the bedroom is supposed to protect sleeping and awaken passion.
Orchid is a flower of successful individuals. As a symbol of financial progress, donate it to your beloved individual or buddy.