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Taurus: a flower is a lily which sims lily aids palpability, romanticism and sensuality. They’re famous for their calm nature, patience, persistence and dependability.
They bloom in May and connect spring . The Victorians appreciated the delicate scent of the lily and correlated it with energy and peace on account of the curved stem.
Other symbols also incorporate femininity, modesty and benevolence.

Gemini: A flower is a rose that represents love and socializing. Just like whites, roses are brilliant, sophisticated and famous due to their social and playful character.
The title derives from the Latin word dew, and its blossom is associated with the mythological goddess Afrodita, which is frequently depicted with an increased blossom. In her tarok, her flower signifies balance, promise, fresh beginnings and hope.
Other symbols include beauty, comprehension, timelessness, as well as intellect.