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Perunika or iris is a flower with which we convey excellent news. As a sign of the novelty that has been endowed for a long time, it”understands” the deepest fantasies of their soul and brings joy, and additionally, it brings the fulfillment of wishes to the person who extends it. Vraže say that peruvian dust brings love while its origins are kept. In earlier times people rolled her rope on a series and utilized it as a pendulum by which they sought answers to their questions.
Pelagonia”speeches” to infidelity; thus, it’s to not give to people who reside in peace and style or experience a catastrophe in law. So be cautious, because the person who provides it to you may not have great intentions. If you grow them in the garden or balcony, Pelargonium has a very different meaning. In cases like this, they’ve powerful protective strength and affect the health of the health. In years past adore with pelargonium pinky increased, and with whitened, fertility increased.
Dali recalls the memories of”good old days” and sentimental meetings. It symbolizes instability and insecurity, but also dignity and elegance. With her magical power, the private and business plans for which she has been operating for quite a long time are anticipated to become well spent.
Jasmine is a flower of a happy law that nobody can disturb or blur. Vraže state that the very small patch of dried lavender, which we must change each year, protects the marital position.
Lily is a sign of unshakeable attractiveness and pure religious love. In years past it was given to the moms to assist with their magical power in the healthy development of the child. Five lilies in a bunch brought happiness and fulfillment to girls who wanted a baby, although one single flower in a man woke up the urge.