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Mimosa represents regard, safety, and certainty. A given blossom of mimosa influences love and brings happiness into the business field. It’s given to all girls on the afternoon of girls.
Symbolics of flower
flower of prehistory from various manners address human beings, attract attention with verdant growth, diverse forms of flower, vibrant colors and chosen scents, using a beauty that can’t be neglected and cannot be left indifferent.” (Germ, Tine 2002: 5; Symbolics of flower)
Symbolism of blossoms through history
Already in ancient Egypt, folks knew the symbolic meaning of flower, though purely on the second level. As an example, because of its beauty, magnificent odor and exceptional features in growth, the lotus has come to be among the most complex symbols of Egyptian civilization.
Greece and Rome
In ancient Greece and Rome, otherworldly expansion has emerged as a symbol of immortality and eternal life. Spring blossoms speak about a circle of death and life, and they’re almost without doubt the bearer of love affair. The majority of the blossoms in ancient culture obtained their narrative and place in mythology (stories about Hiakinto, Narcissus, Krokos).